1970 Split Bumper in for Installations & Repairs

New project this week. Killer '70 split bumper in for a huge list of installations and repairs. It hasn't ran in years, can't wait to fire it up! It's got a healthy 496 big block and a Muncie 4 speed. Should be fun!!!

Major Frame Upgrades on Our “Project T Type”

Some major frame upgrades on our "Project T type" this week. We are installing a Hellwig chassis kit, made for G bodies. We are also adding some more goodies from Trick Chassis. We are just fitting and mocking everything up now, final welding next week. This is going...

Finishing Up the ’87 GT Project

Finishing up the '87 GT project this week. We were able to make a set of Flowmaster 2 1/2" tailpipes fit around the aftermarket torque arm, and the Panhard Bar set up. It's a tight fit, but they are in there and don't rattle! [gallery columns="1" size="full"...


Randy built my 1989 Fox body Saleen from the ground up, my car needed everything, engine upgrades, clutch, new suspension / caster camber plates, tires, brake rotors / pads, radiator, alternator, driveshaft, short throw shifter, shifter cable, etc… Plus it needed to be defunked – removal of all the “upgrades” people installed over the years that was junk or just incorrect. We started with a top end rebuild, then we decided to make take it up a notch, Randy built a new 306, did a ton of research on what parts will work best for the results we wanted. My engine now pushes over 430HP at the tires with 405lb/ft of torque on a safe tune!!! Thanks Rambo for your expertise, professionalism, and help!!!

Richard Ruhs

Randy literally built my from the ground up and in my opinion nobody could have done it better, his attention to detail and skill can’t even be put into words and I am extremely thankful that he built my dream car.

Dino Anaxagorou